Xoi Xeo – Hanoi simple breakfast

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When the sun rise in Hanoi from the East, sun ray is thought the leaves on streets.. Busy day start in Hanoi with some “breakfast greeting” :” who buy …rice, “Xoi”, Gio , fried cake…” There are many kind of breakfast in Hanoi, you can find them on the every streets with full of unique and delicious foods. “ Xoi xeo in lotus leaf” is one of special traditional food for breakfast in Hanoi.

Talk about Hanoi, everyone know Pho, Cha noodle but people don’t know about some special popular foods such as: rice in seasame, “day” cake, “gio” cake, Xoi ( someone call Sticky).. a fast food when you are late, stop the moto near the pavement, buy a yellow “Xoi xeo” in green lotus leaf for your baby. You can smell of rice, fat smell of oil and fried onion.Xoi xeo

A small street food shop is full of dried onion, oil, “ruoc”, peanut, Yellow “ Xoi xeo”. Some Vietnamese women have it on her shoulder, her family ‘s depend on that shop and it’s also a Viet culture. For a long time ago, “Xoi xeo” is a food that not miss in the wedding party, TET,….

Xoi saler

Hanoi own many kind of Xoi : Corn Xoi, peanut Xoi, red xoi, xoi xeo… but each kind of Xoi has unique taste. Xoi xeo is beautiful with its color, yellow and light green of lotus and the smell very great!

Some where , in this busy life you can remember about your pass with the greeting of Xoi xeo saler.

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