Hanoi favourite desserts in summer

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Hanoi ancient cuisine has long been famous for the richness and diversity. At any time, visit the bustling and crowded streets, tourists can find attractive and characteristic food of each street easily.

Hang Than Crème caramel

Referring to Hang Than Street, many people will think about the famous Crème caramel and vice versa, when refer to this food, many people also think about Hang Than Street as an immutable address to enjoy. Hanoi street food

The reason for Hang Than Crème caramel becomes the most attractive customers but not at any other place is the greasy, bold and coffee aroma, to which other places are difficult to keep up. Not only that, Crème caramel here is famous for smooth, sweet and attractive taste, extensive and diversified menu. Visitors come here can offer for themselves a traditional Crème caramel but can also pay attention to the modern dishes, which have many variations with different foods to become more attractive as fruit Crème caramel, purple rice caramel or yogurt Crème cramel…

Hang Than Coconut Ice-cream

coconut ice cream - hanoi street food

Beside Crème caramel, Hang Than Street has the cool coconut ice-cream which has cooling effect in hot summer days. This is ice cream placed in the coconut with eye-catching decorations. Inside the fresh coconut stripped out of green crust, the seller cleverly place prepared fresh ice-cream then sprinkle a little grated coconut fiber, crushed peanuts and chocolate sauce. Coconut Cream attracts clients at first glance and coolness when enjoys. Fresh cream has light taste, not too sweet and when mixed with chocolate sauce grated coconut fibers, this food becomes a perfect taste makes visitors want to eat more and more.

Hang Cot Coconut jelly

coconut jelly

Having the origination in Ben Tre, the coconut jelly in Hanoi has been quickly loved by many people. And the location is famous for this dish is the Hang Cot Street, which becomes more crowded and busier during the hot summer days.

Characteristics of Hang Cot coconut jelly is that coconuts are carefully chosen from the Siamese young coconut flesh thin and easy to abortion. Next, the jelly layer is very limpid, attractive inside. Coconut jelly in here has moderate hardness, not too soft, melt in your mouth quickly and always cool. On the top of the jelly layer is an aromatic and fatty thin layer that clients have enjoyed just by looking.

Dao Duy Tu Street Chè (Sweet soup)

sweet soup at Dao Duy tu

Chè is probably genuine dishes of summer days and in the Old Quarter, you can easily find for yourself a delicious bowl of Che in Dao Duy Tu Street. Be famous for lemon tea in Hanoi, but when summer comes, this place has become even more attractive and eye-catching with plenty of sweet soups.

The reason Dao Duy Tu Street is loved by many people is the delicate decoration. Besides having a good taste, each bowl of Chè here is as a work of art that everyone wants to see. Each bowl of Chè before moved to client is decorated by sellers to be more attractive. Depending on the type of sweet soup that will be decorated by various ways such as sweet potatoes Chè with five flower petals on the surface or red bean Chè is simply with a bunch of white coconut sauce on top…

To Tich Mixed fresh fruit

Fresh fruits- Hanoi dessert

Only less than 100m-long, To Tich Street has nearly a dozen different shops and restaurant always crowded. It demonstrates the attractiveness of this delicious dish.

Mixed fresh fruit here is pretty simple processing. Includes only material available for the summer as watermelon, pineapple, plum, apple … but thanks to ingenious way of processing that this place always attracts many people. Fruit after bought are washed, sliced in to ​​small pieces then mixed with condensed milk, coconut milk and ice; and we already have a glass of delicious and fresh mixed fruit. Clients also get a glass of cool mixed fruit easily and ready to dispel the heat outside.

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