Ta Hien Street – the original place of Hanoi

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Located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, , in the French colonial time called Géraud, is two-hundred-meter street, intersect with Hang Bac Street and Hang Buom Street. This street was named the “international crossroads” because there are many foreign tourists and has been included in the list of “places have to go in Hanoi” when traveling overseas of the foreigners. People reminds to it as a place for tourists to be able to feel the soul of Hanoi, which is simple and the intersection of the old and the new, of the East and the West.

“Western Street” – but the popular dishes in this street are completely Vietnamese. From the luxury restaurant chain to the sidewalk shops, go to anywhere, visitors can feel the essence of Vietnamese cuisine in general and Hanoi cuisine in particular.


In the morning, at the beginning of Ta Hien Street, there is a noodle soup shop which has sold for long time. The bow is full noodle and tasty broth with delicious meat balls, fragrant mushroom, a bit pepper will bring to the visitors the first experience of an extremely rustic dishes.


In the lunch time, Ta Hien Street is suddenly crowded with a little strange. Because here, there is a good restaurant of noodle soup with beef, which is not least than the Bun Bo Nam Bo shop in Hang Dieu Street. The visitors pass though the restaurant, who were not intended to eat, find out that it is difficult to resist the aroma emanating from the garlic and beef pan.


The noodle bowl is simple with fried onion, fresh vegetables, fried beef with the seasoning, add a few teaspoons of roasted peanuts and the sour, sweet sauce. The five-spice powder is harmony, made the appeal cannot be denied.

Going to the afternoon, visitors will surely impressed by a unique and rare cuisine: Grilled Quail with honey sold only in this street. The meat quails are marinated, stacked look very nice. The meat is processed in place right in front of the restaurant attracts countless tourists gaze over here.


Quail marinated ingenuity, along with technical virtuosity barbecue not only have fragrant scent of spices but also retain the natural sweetness of the meat quail, and the bones are also brittle that can be eaten. Adding some basil leaves for the taste up, a fresh and cool fruit disk, so that customers have pleasant memories to share their friends about Hanoi, Vietnam.

And mention Ta Hien Street, it cannot fail to mention the beer sidewalk. Every afternoon, the pubs’ signs are close to each other along the streets. Every beer shop here is always crowded, both the foreigners and the domestic customers.

Unlike other street in the Old Quarter, even at night, Ta Hien Street is more boisterous. Known as the “international crossroads”, foreign guests choose this place where to sip the specialty “Cool Beer” and talk to friends with a very affordable price, with the right price for the domestic customers.


The “characteristic snack” of Ta Hien Street is basil roasted peanuts, enjoyed with the fresh beer is the wonderful way. Besides, you can order the fried fermented pork and fried potatoes with sugar also sold in this street.

In addition to the amazing food, the busy life style, especially at night, make the characteristic, the bustle and the attraction of this street. If suddenly, one day you want to enjoy a bit of the life of the residents’ international crossroads “, go to Ta Hien Street, it will give you a new feeling about the life and the people.


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