What to eat in Hanoi?

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Hanoi is not only thousand year capital, traditional culture center but also famous with its cuisine.

There many kind of food from the North of Vietnam, the cuisine is remembered with name of streets. Hanoi’s cuisine is Simplicity but luxury and sophistication. It’s a part of Vietnam’s cuisine.

The first foods is also the symbol of Hanoi is . began be in Hanoi from 20 century with old brands such as: Thin, Giang, Dong My. Now a day, you could see some brand of : Bo Ho, Bat Dan, Ly Quoc Su, Lo Duc. Thin have been in Hanoi for 50 years and now it’s 7 shop in Hanoi. Only beef is really Hanoi’s .Pho

The traditional Hanoi’s Pho has soft Banh Pho, and delicious soup with good beef.

( grilled pork Bun) is also the unique food of Hanoi. It’s simple with grilled pork but what make the best is the special sauce. You could cook yourself but never has the taste like in Hanoi. Famous place to eat are in Dong Xuan market, Hang Than street, Lac Long Quan…

grilled pork bun

With nearly 20 ingredients, bun is the way recipe requires meticulous, careful, the period from the cooker, and also is one of the typical dishes containing numerous quintessences ‘s culinary capital Hanoi. Location: Cầu Gỗ, 11 Hàng Hòm, 11 Hạ Hồi…

Bun Thang

La Vong fried fish dish is the perfect combination of spices typical of Vietnam such as turmeric, cumin, shrimp paste, fish sauce. All blended into a unique dish, extremely delicious and attractive. Cha Ca La Vong is always in the list of dishes not to be missed when the foreign visitors to Hanoi. Restaurant is located at 14 Cha Ca.

Cha Ca La Vong

Thanh Tri pancake are a delicious ancient land of Ke Cho. Hien Thanh Street is where you can enjoy the thin pancake, transparent, fragrant rice is topped with fried onions, fragrant sauce and some Cha Que for the meal.

Pan Cake Thanh Tri

is valuable unique food of Hanoi, coz Ruoi only appear in a shortime. People in Hanoi often buy Ruoi and save them in freezer. taste crispy outside, soft inside, fat and good smell. You could find at O Quan Chuong, Lo Duc or Gia Ngu.

Cha Ruoi

Bun Oc Nguoi ( cold snail Bun ) is a popular food and only have in Hanoi. It’s easy to find where to eat this food and also don’t have many cooker could make it delicious. Its taste sweet, cool, light sour and spicy of ginger and peper. An elegant food, where to eat? 202F Doi Can street, no 3 Phu Dong or begin of O Quan Chuong.

Bun Oc

Have you ever taste frog meat? It’s very very delicious. Hanoi’s gourmet make frog meat become an unique foods of Hanoi. Chopped frog meat and mill with spices, lemon grass, lemon leave… and fry with cooking oil. This a food for drinking with rice wine. Where eat? Com Cha Nhai at Khuong Thuong.

cha ech

Do you know Com? The smell of Com that you never forget. Com of Vong village, in Hang Than,  fried Com Dinh Liet, Cha Com Phat Loc, Com sticky rice at Hom market…you must remember when visit Hanoi.

Vong Com

The foods of Hanoi is not  saved in any parper but they are in Hanoi people hearts and follow the time.

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