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Talk to Hanoi and food, of course the first image that you are thinking will be . is sold in Hanoi for a longtime, it’s a image of pass in the present with full of original  tasting and smell.
Hanoi is famous with many brand of Pho as Pho Thin, Pho Lo Duc, Pho Xa Dan, … Pho exists not only as a rustic but also a culture to enjoy. There are also many kind of Pho, they charm the customers with their own special and unique taste. But not many people know about Pho Ganh at night!



Pho ghanh for breakfast

Calling this dish as “Pho ganh at night” is not exactly because it is only sold in the period from 4 am to 6 am. The location is in Hang Bac Street and the reason why there is a unique presence in the streets is because of this street, in which people buy and sell jewelry in the daytime, so Pho should be sold at the time seemed unconventional. Yet, Pho ganh shop is a lovely place inside the old quarter which is in silent sleep. There are many people startle to think “it is not time for people to enjoy food, right?”, because that’s the best time for sleeping… For those who go early business, or do morning exercise and all the staff on night shift, Pho ganh brings to them more ideal and energy for a new day…

Pho ganh

Pho and ” Quay”

There are no signs, under lightings of ancient streets are in silent sleep, Pho ganh appears simply with attractive  smell. Still bearing the unique appearance of Pho ganh, seat of customer is just a small plastic chair and a little higher one is used as a table. Pho ganh is so delicious, its broth looks like pure water, but it is has bold flavor with soft sliced ripe beef, add much spring onions to make Pho bowl more attractive aromatic flavor. Pho ganh is sold with well-fried “quay” and iced tea. The blending of delicious naive with the each other makes clients be amorous.

Uniquely, a street vendor has a noodle shop with a hot broth pot, spring onions, chilies and lime… Pho ganh shop is a place keeps traditional Pho flavors, tastes and smells which are too difficult to find in other daytime shops because Pho ganh is cooked so carefully. Behind its good taste and smell is a hard-working image of noodle sellers get up early, stay up late. There are many people who still go eat at night to know and enjoy gourmet’s hobby and know the way to comment. Therefore, for a long-time, Pho ganh has been existed and still crowded because of its taste. During the night, holding a bowl of Pho, sitting beside aromatic broth pot, enjoying frantically… are the most interesting.

Pho ganh at night is not only a destination, but also a place which has interesting culinary discovery because of its unique presence. Let’s try Hanoi Pho ganh once!

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