Hanoi-the top 14 cities most ideal to drink beer

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With the cheapest price and most diverse in Asia, Hanoi is selected where is a ideal city of 14 cites for drinking by a tourism America website vote, along with Dublin ( ireland), Muchen ( Germany) ot Tokyo ( Japan)…

beer in dublin, iceland

Dublin, Ireland. Drinking beer is a lifestyle of the people of this city.Despite the high price of beer, but you can find traditional pubs and public places filled with people.

muchen - germany beer

Muchen, Germany. More than 125 million gallons of beer (1 gallon equals 3.78 liters) are consumed each year in this city. Price each pint of approximately 3 euros.

heniken -  a famousbranch beer in amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The home of the world renowned beers like Heineken, Amstel, this city had dozens of beer with more flavor, different labels. The average price is 3 euros a pint (1 pint equals 0.47 liters).

prague, Czech  beer

Prague, Czech Republic. As one of the world’s most consumed beer, this city is also the cheapest place in Europe to have a drink of water amber. Half a liter of beer for about $ 1.25.

Vienna, Austria beer

Vienna, Austria. The best beers here come from the tiny exclusive production facilities, so you will not find them outside Europe. Beer here about 4 euros per pint.

drink beer in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan. Beer in Tokyo may not be cheap, but it is easy to find. You can buy directly from the vending machine on the street and no one asked papers.

Portland beer

Portland, Oregon (USA). This coastal city of beer per capita rate higher than any city in the United States. The ingredients are locally grown, beer here is very fresh and natural. Average price of $ 3.3 a glass.

Hanoi bia hoi shop

Hanoi, Vietnam. Is one where there are many types of beer and the cheapest in Asia. At this point, you should try to drink Bia Hoi, or fresh  beer. Often, drinking beer with ice. You can also say “hundred percent”, thats mean drank, though it often contains only 3% alcohol. Average price of beer is 5000 dong a glass.

melbourne, Astralia beer

Melbourne, Australia. In this city, a beer, almost present in every corner on the main street, the price is relatively cheap and do not need a tip.The price of a pint is about 5 AUD.

Edinburgh city

Edinburgh, Scotland. Locals often joke that this city is home to many pubs in Europe. Each pint of about 3 pounds

beer in mexico

Mexico City. The city produced a dozen beers. A walking tour around the city will open their eyes (and mouth) with a lot of different flavors, many brands have for centuries. Price a pint about 2 dollars, even in the small restaurant also cheaper.

milwaukee city

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). One of the city’s leading beer producer in the United States, and is the headquarters of the 4th largest brewer in the world. The average price per cup is $ 3.

Brussels, Belgum

Brussels, Belgium. This is the center of the Belgian beer giant industry, where high-alcohol beer and a lot of different brands. The average price is 3.5 euros a glass.

a beer shop in philadelphia

Philadelphia (USA). Prominent place that the best relationship can be established only after a half beers. Average price of $ 2.75 for a glass jar.

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