Com Cake in Hang Than street

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Remind to Hanoi old quarter nobody could forget Hang Than, a small quarter where has many Com Cake shop. The Com smell attract any visitors when the autumn comes. The Hanoi people keep their secret to make Com cake, this unique food always is the one of best choice for the gift and parties.

Hang Than unique food

The Old Hanoi people create many kind of food from Com such as: Com mix with lean then fry to make “ Cha”, Com fry with sugar to keep it for a long time, cook Che Com. At last, grandsire of Nguyen Duy parentage in Hang Than street create Com Cake.

The main ingredients of Com Cake is also sticky rice and green peanut but the taste is so different with another cakes. Com are made by old sticky rice, the core of Com Cake is green peanut and coconut. Both outside and inside of Com Cake are fried with sugar.

The step to make Com is spend much effort,  Com Cake is made from old Com, mean the sticky rice is old, the step to make Old Com the same with Young Com. When done, store Com in jars.

To make Com Cake, often use the ratio 1 kg Com with 1.3L water to make mixture, then put sugar with ratio 1:1 then fry, before finish put some Grape Fruit flower water to make smell. It’s the important when cook Com that you must control the fire, the delicious of Com Cake depend on your experience. And one of the another step to cook core of Com Cake, must choose the peanut with yellow inside from Thai Binh, Ha Bac, Son La province. Cook peanut like cook rice then mix with sugar and mill then put some another ingredients such as: Lotus jame, coconut fibers, grape fruit flower water….

The vistors could join a street food tour to discover Hanoi cuisine and get more knowledge about Com Cake on Hang Than Street.


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