Cold noodles smail – Hanoi

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Cold noodles snail are traditional foods, particularly in Hanoi only characteristic flavor of vinegar, noodles and leaves served with special herbs.Seemingly simple but very complicated dishes from selecting raw materials to processing.

Since ancient times this item has been ingrained in the memories of generations of Ha as a snack, rustic and very suitable when the weather is hot. Many reviewers that snails can be made into delicious dishes such as noodles hot snails, snails cooked banana tofu, steamed ginger leaves snail … But more unique is cold noodle snail. In Hanoi are very few shops make this delicious dish.

According to the gourmet, real estate is for processing all kinds of”Oc da ”, “Oc nhoi” to see what delicious crispy, greasy. Spicy noodle dish is “ giam bong nep cai hoa vang” of the village of Van. Hence, this should not eat vegetables with herbs because you will lose the scent sweet sour vinegar. The sophistication of Hanoi is absolutely not choose vermicelli noodle is troubled that the  in white, stocky. This is not a dish to satisfy that hunger to customers must broth surprise.

Bun oc nguoi is a traditional food of Hanoi

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