Banh Cuon – A traditional cuisine of Hanoi

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The blend between the sweet Banh and fleshy, greasy crust  help guests feel completely fine right from the first try

has long been famous for its food culture and is home to the oldest culinary elite between regions. One of the dishes is Banh Cuon . Ancient Banh Cuon must be made with short grain white rice, coating thin , are fleshy and greasy. Thin crust made from pure rice, no borax and other impurities so Banh Cuon is shiny and supple.

Banh cuon Hanoi

To get delicious Banh Cuon, selecting rice is a very important step. Rice is delicious, banh cuon smooth, shiny, fleshy sweet to eat. If plastic rice, poor broken rice cake, Banh Cuon will not delicious. Next step is rice soaking, grinding and soak flour. The difficulty of the baker to know how soak rice flour soaked enough and very dependent on the weather.

If soak Banh ( crust of Banh Cuon) in along time, it will be sour. If soak time is not enough, it will not smooth and fleshy.  Especially, when the weather change, soaking rice and flour required a experience maker. To create fresh and smooth Banh ,easy to rinse, peel and rice flour is often mixed into a little borax, pearl powder, flour, etc..

However, special the ancient Banh Cuon is not used borax and other additives, but still create delicious, strips, flexible, fleshy, and very fragrant rice. The Banh Cuon have white color when peeled may be extended 40-50 cm without broken.

On the basis of the “Banh Chay” delicious, with special “Nhan” ( core inside Banh Cuon) , including fresh meat, fresh shrimp, mushrooms, wood ears and other spices to create a unique taste for rolls. The blend between the sweet banh cuon and freshy crust will create a delicious product, offering subtle sensation right from the first pieces with customers.

Banh cuon with cha gio

A “spirit” contributing to the specialty rolls are sauces. To hot sauce, made from bone tail, fresh ribs and loin steam in a long time and filtering carefully. Step to select bone and steam is also important, How to make a delicious sauce but not fat, rich nutritious but transparent.

Today in Hanoi, have many Banh Cuon shop from small to large but it’s not easy to find a good Banh cuon Shop as its culture. The best traditional Banh cuon is Gia An,a brand can satisfy even the most fastidious customers. Sophistication and demand and to detail in the select of rice, soak rice, coated with banh cuon, in the select of each piece of meat or bone cooked sauce made brand rolls Gia An.

Banh Cuon Gia An does not contain borax, not saccharine in  sauce, no additives, preservatives, contribute to respect the ancient culinary culture, as well as health of customers.

Banh Cuon made from pure rice, sauce and nutritional food rich with freshness, customers can be assured use banh cuon instead of meals.

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