Hanoi Street Foods and Cuisines

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Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and the second largest city after Ho Chi Minh City. It is argued that the best place to find the most cherished Vietnamese cuisines is on Hanoi streets. It is almost a fact that the entire Hanoi Street is carpeted with food restaurants. One therefore finds almost any kind of food ranging from bahn to the traditional pho. Two things makes “Hanoi streets” stands out though in terms of its serving: first, it is the only street in entire Hanoi that is licensed to operate 24/7 round the year. And secondly, it has the largest number of restaurants in Hanoi.

The main food streets in Hanoi are Tong Duy Tan and Cam Chi. These streets offer wide variety Vietnamese dishes along the streets. Differentiating between the places is a little challenging because they are many and looks almost similar. Generally, the menus are similar; the food is good and priced averagely.

Here are Hanoi street foods and cuisines you must not miss while travelling the destination:


Every Vietnamese cuisine is only complete when served with a pho. Almost every Vietnamese block spots a crowd of hungry men and women slurping noodles is some pho makeshift stand. Pho is a simple staple food that constitutes fresh rice noodles, salty broth, a mixture of herbs and beef or chicken. Pho is the local people’s food that appears in almost every diet; it is tasty, cheap and available at all hours. What’s amazing, people traditionally prefer eating pho while seated on plastic stools, in a crowd.

Cha Ca

Honoians believe that cha ca is a special meal for the Vietnamese, so unique that a special; street has been dedicated specially for those looking to quench their cha ca thirst. Cha ca is basically fried fish morsels. The sizzling fish chunks are seasond with ginger, dill, garlic and turmeric on a hot table side.

Banh xeo

The perfect bahn xeo is definitely a crepe crispy bulging with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts together with fresh herbs. Locals enjoy bahn xeo by cutting it into small mouth pieces, have it rolled up in lettuce leaves or rice paper and dip it in a special sauce prepared by the cooks.

Cao lau

Cao lau are delicious pork noodles that originates from the Hoi An, the dish is linked to the old age cultures that were synonymous along the port when trade was rife. These noodles are thicker compared to the Japanese udon, while embracing the Chinese touch. The cao lau is differentiated by the Vietnamese unique herbs.

Rau Muong

Most people prefer calling rau muong the “river weed”, and it’s for all the good reasons. They are basically morning glory, in most cases stir fried and seasoned using potent garlic slithers. The rau moung are commonly found in the beer dens and restaurants.

Goi cuon

Goi cuon very light yet healthy, fresh spring rolls, they are the best choice when one have engaged a lot of the Vietnamese fried food. Salad greens are used to pack the translucent parcels, the seafood or meat slither or coriander layer is added to the dish.

These are the Hanoi foods and dishes one must give a try before leaving Vietnam. Get your Turkey visa for longer holidays and exploration.

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